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Second week - Vermont Studio Center + Indiegogo Campaing

I hit my second week mark at the Vermont Studio Center and felt a little home sick. I think it was because it happened to have fallen on Valentine's Day and it made me realized how much I missed my love ones. This is why I'm a few days late to writing this post... I survived!!

Happy Valentine's Day!

I got the chance to do a lot of thinking over the weekend and I'm currently working on new ideas that I'll tell you about on my next post... and I finally came around to write my Newsletter again, after over two months of being absent!! You can read it by clicking HERE!

Meanwhile here's my second week... it was very busy one...

I continued working on my sculpture, and hand built the first figure on the ball I had made earlier:

With the left over plaster cloth I made two Artist Books, as samplers for the upcoming workshops I'll be teaching in June. [June 3-4 at the Truro Center for the Arts at Castle Hill in Cape Cod, Massachusetts, and June 13-14 at Creative Arts Workshop in New Haven, Connecticut]

...and I finished painting #4...

Expressive Painting #4
(c)2015 Corina S. Alvarezdelugo

 Here's how my studio wall looked after my fourth painting was finished!

During one of our many snow storms we have gotten so far, I practiced with a tool for encaustic that I had bought at last year's International Encaustic Conference and haven't been able to try it out until now. It's called the "Enkaustikos Flow Pen". I used it to draw on the postcards I had done the week before, and that I will send out to those who have donated $10 to my crowdfunding campaign. Here's the result:

But not all was cloudy days and snow... I had the chance to watch a beautiful sunset after all!

Last week, we were also visited by two visual arts professionals, and they were both named William. One, Will Lamson, an installation/performance artist living and working in Brooklyn, NY. The other Will Villalongo, who's currently a painting and drawing professor at Yale University in New Haven, CT. Each gave us a talk and slide show about their work, and then they visited each of our studios at VSC for a half an hour one-on-one critique. It's such a great opportunity to have professionals look at your work, and talk to you about it, opening up your mind to keep developing as an artist.

And the cherry on the top was our first Open Studios here at VSC. We got to see the studios of fellow residents and see what they have been working on thus far. Here's how my studio looked for Open Studios:

An installation I'm making with all the tea bags
from the teas I've drank so far!

And finished the week with my wall ready for painting #5

If you are enjoying my updates, and would like to support me on my crowdfunding campaign to help me cover the costs of this residency, please go to:

Here's 3 ways you can help to make it happen. You can choose to do one, two, or all tree:

1. The obvious one, making a monetary donation of $1 or more, but there are two more ways to help that you're not probably aware of.

2. If you click on the link and go to my Indiegogo page, you can click to any of the Social Media share buttons on the top of my campaign.

3. You can also help big time, by leaving a comment on that page. Click on COMMENTS right above my video, right after you sign into Indiegogo.

Thank you for your help and support!!


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