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Friends of Pam & David / November 26 through December 1

I have already written about this event, but I wanted to include some new links for you to check out the art these talented artists have donated for the event.
It is a great opportunity for you to acquire good quality art at a very low price and at the same time you'll be helping out with the medical expenses of these very special people... Thanks!


450 Deerfield Road
Pomfret, CT 06259

Tel: 860-928-1562


Professional Art - EXTREME BARGAINS!

Early bird sales link at
or at

100% of Proceeds to benefit Pam and David Lussier for their ongoing medical expenses

Friends of Pam and Dave Lussier will hold a “Cash and Carry” art show to help defray Pam’s medical expenses. Pam is doing well, but the Lussier’s medical insurance does not cover everything.

In consideration of the slow economy, professional artists will sell original art for shockingly low prices at the Vanilla Bean for one week, and on line through the holidays. Early bird and post Vanilla Bean purchases are welcome. Below is a list of artists that are participating.

Here is the list of the participating artists....

Thomas Adkins - Corina S. Alvarezdelugo – Beverly Branch - Lesley Braren - Karen Cashman - Joan Cole – Kristen CormierSam D’Ambruso – Carole Day – Margaret B. Dean - Catherine Elliot – Beth Ellis – Christine Wendell Farrugia - Paul C. Goodnow – Sonia Halapin - Aline Hoffman - Jennifer Holmes – Laureen Hylka – Joan Jardine – Barbara Jenkins –Carol Brightman Johnson – Susan Jositas – Roxann Poppe Leibenhaut – Helen Malchow – Rosemary Markham - Joan McPherson - Bernie McTigue – Tom Menard - Dianne Panare Miller – Linda Miller – Sara Nebel – Bob Noreika – Terry Oakes Bourret – Pamela Reese – Sylvina Rollins – Shauna Shane – Lynita Shimizu - Katherine Simmons – Diane Stone – Mona Stratos – Alex Vranos – Jackie White – Jane Zisk – Janet Zeh


Interactive Acrylics Workshop

About a week ago, the CT Society of Portrait Artists organized a workshop at the Darien Arts Center. For this, the fine artist Joan Polzin, representing The Chroma paint company supplied interactive acrylic paints for us to try, or I should say, "to play with", because we had so much fun trying this new the pictures taken by Jeanine C. Jackson:

Joan Polzin
These new acrylics are just amazing! They remain open for a longer time than regular acrylcs and can be kept workable by re wetting of dried paints. Joan Polzin, who has painted portraits with these paints in the past showed us the products and demonstrated how to use them. After her demonstration we all tried our hands on the product and loved it!

So here are two pictures showing the progress during the workshop of my little painting, even though is not yet finished. But I thought you might wanted to see what I did that day with these new interactive acrylics:

I know what you're thinking! Everyone working on portraits and I made a frog...well, this is my portrait of a frog!!! I hope you enjoy it!
The pictures of my painting were taken by Joan Polzin
The good thing about this acrylics is that you can save the left over paint in the refrigerator, so I did. About a week later, this past Friday, I made a little 6" x 8" Winter Scene on canvas using them. They were like new...perfect!

Winter Scene
acrylic painting

I donated this painting to be sold for $100.00 to raise money to help my friends and artists, Pam and Dave Lussier. Pam has a very difficult form of cancer and is currently going through chemotherapy to get herself healthy enough to receive a kidney transplant and their insurance does not cover all the expenses...

Here is the information about this fundraiser:
“Cash and Carry” art show.

In consideration of the slow economy, these original paintings will be sold for shockingly low prices:

Unframed Paintings $50

Framed Paintings $100

Photos, Prints and Jewelry too

at the Vanilla Bean for one week, and on line through the holidays. Early Bird and Post-Vanilla Bean purchases are welcome.

The Vanilla Bean
450 Deerfield Rd.,
Pomfret, CT 06258,
Tel.: 860-928-1562.


100% of proceeds from the sales will go to the Lussier family.

NOTE: David Lussier and Pamela Simpson Lussier of Woodstock, CT are renowned artists. They offer phenomenal oil paintings (and giclee prints) of assorted subjects in a range of sizes and prices at the David Lussier Gallery in Woodstock, and on line at The couple will participate in the area’s Open Studio Days November 29 and 30.

Collect some fine art and do a good deed!


Holiday cards with the image of my Winter Scene painting can be purchased at:
Just in case you are interested!!


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