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MY ARTISTIC PROCESS - when creating my round sculptures

During my years at Albertus Magnus College, I learned to make spheres in ceramic class. My professor, Jerome Nevins, taught us to work in a minimalist approach, hence our first assignment in his class was to make a sphere, perfectly round and from that form we had to turn it into a base, or a pitcher… any utilitarian object we wanted.

One day, it occurred to me to make sculptures out of these perfectly round shapes,
so “My Big Fat Hen” was born.

After that, I just haven’t been able to stop making my round sculptures. My subject matter is very broad. I sculpt things I have in my mind, that are related to me somehow. Many times I have turned my spheres into animals (thanks to my upbringing in a tropical country always in contact with nature), but others I’ve turned them into statements, or messages I want to convey about deeper issues; as health, the environment, even politics... but the common denomination in all my sculptures is their roundness.

picture by Amanda May

I’m constantly working on my sculptures, since they take so long to make. I usually have one that I’m in the process of creating, while I wait for a different one to dry, one more that is going for its bisque firing, and an additional piece that I have to glaze to finally go through its last firing...but wait! Many times it doesn’t stop here. If I’m not completely satisfied with the result, I will paint my piece over with oils, or mixing materials to give it a faux finish, or add some pieces made out of wood or epoxy, anything I could use until I’m pleased with the result.

As you can see, each of my sculptures can take a year or more in the making. So I invite you to accompany me during the process of creating one of my latest pieces...Rhino

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