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Spectrum Gallery Goes 'All Natural'

 My Elements series of four Encaustic mixed media paintings, is currently on display at the Spectrum Gallery in Centerbrook, CT, as part of their exhibition ALL NATURAL. The exhibition will be up until August 10th, 2014.

Elements Series (Water, Fire, Earth, Water) by
(c)2014 Corina S. Alvarezdelugo
at the ALL NATURAL exhibition
Spectrum Gallery, Centerbrook, CT

Here's an article published by: - Spectrum Gallery Goes 'All Natural' h3/h3 | News from southern Connecticut about the exhibition. I have added some images from our opening last Friday, for those too far to attend. Enjoy! Published 06/25/2014 12:00 AM - Updated 07/01/2014 03:15 PM  
Spectrum Gallery 
Goes All Natural
Artist Christine S. Aaron's installation
My Elements series on the far right.
Spectrum Gallery and Artisans Store at 61 Main Street in Centerbrook presents All Natural, an exhibition of works derived from the natural world, through Aug. 10.

Participating artists include painter and installation artist Christine Shannon Aaron; furniture, acrylic, and mixed media artist Joseph Dermody; Amelia de Neergard, who creates "drawings in space"; mixed media artist, painter, and sculptor Corina Alvarezdelugo; multi-disciplinary artist Amy Hannum; Bevi Bullwinkel, who makes non-objective pieces; sculptor
Ashby Carlisle; sculptor Michael Bobbie; painter Laura Eden; mixed media artist Anna Sidorow; painter Jan Prentice; photographers Elin Dolle, Jason Neely, Tom Kretsch, and Jonathan Steele; glass artists Roger Gandelman, Carolyn Teschke, and Carole Young; fine artisans Pat Shorey and Robin Erpenbeck; fabric artists Jennifer Tansley and felter Kristen Walsh; home décor artisan Cindy Streit Mazzaferro; potters and ceramicists Bonnie Beatrice, Margaret Ulecka-Wilson, John and Kate Hull, Priscilla Palumbo and Nancy Scilipote; wood carver Raymond Medeiros;
My Elements series on the far right, and a
sneak peek to one of the beautiful pieces
by artist, Joseph Dermody, on the left.

basket artisans Linda Scherz Allen and Lynn Goldberg; polymer clay artists Gloria Nilsson, Tricia Hamel, Marilyn Malcarne, and Meg Lundy; origami and jewelry designer artist Kristin Coombs; and jewelry designers Tabitha Bozzuto , Meg Brash, Eileen Clark, Jessica Dickens, Denise DiStefano, Jackie Koromhas, Dawn Lombard, and Janet Verney.

Spectrum Gallery and Store is open Wednesday to Saturday from 11 a.m. to 6 p.m. and Sunday from 11 a.m. to 5p.m.

The gallery is the newest expansion of the non-profit arts organization Arts Center Killingworth. In addition to offering classes, workshops, camps, and presenting performing arts events, the Arts Center's mission is to provide opportunities for emerging and established artists to display and sell their work. For more information, call 860-767-0742 or visit To learn more about the Arts Center, call 860-663-5593 or visit


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