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MOM, 9 to 5
encaustic mixed media artist book
by (c)2013 Corina S. Alvarezdelugo
Choose your weekend:
Saturday - Sunday, July 27 - 28 or August 3 - 4
10:00 AM - 4:00 PM each day
Level: open to all levels

In this two day workshop students will learn the process of using, altering, and re-purposing the elements of a book. Students will create their own book pages using plaster, papers, and natural materials. The process will also focus on incorporating the medium of Encaustic to make the pages stronger and give them a beautiful sheen, shape, and dimensionality. We will create two book structures –an accordion book and a book made of plaster pages. Both will explore different mixed media and encaustic techniques.  
encaustic mixed media artist book
by (c)2013 Corina S. Alvarezdelugo

 The Artist Book is a work of art within the traditional confines of a book. It allows the artist the freedom to transform it and give it a new voice. Not only serving as texture, the text serves as inspiration for the artwork itself. The written words and visual images, original to the book, intertwine with the artist’s inner thoughts to create his/her one of a kind narrative.

All levels welcome, whether you are a beginner to the book arts and/or encaustic painting.
encaustic mixed media artist book
by (c)2013 Corina S. Alvarezdelugo

encaustic mixed media artist book
by (c)2013 Corina S. Alvarezdelugo

Students are encouraged to bring personal items, such as their own photographs (printed on toner based copies), imagery, twine, ribbons, natural elements (dry leaves, sticks…), old books, or any other materials they would like to incorporate into their creations.  

$250 (some materials included)

Enrollment limited to 4 students  

Relief and Textural Effects with Mixed Media in Encaustic
Corina's signature Weekend workshop
Saturday - Sunday, August 17 - 18
10:00 AM - 4:00 PM each day
This workshop is open to students with an intermediate to advanced level of encaustic experience. 

Learn how to incorporate clay, joint compound and plaster cloth, as well as other materials to add depth, texture, and relief to Encaustic painting in this two-day workshop.
Day One working outdoors
DAY ONE: starts with a talk and demonstration of various techniques followed by a hands-on session in which to apply these techniques. Using terracotta (earthenware) clay, and joint compound to lay down a ground on a porous (unsized) paper surface. You will use this ground to create relief on which to design various textures, marks and strokes. You will also create 3-D shapes that will be attached on to your panels on the following day. It will all be left to dry overnight. Time permitting we'll experiment with tar, and grout, as well as paper-clay, as other means to add texture and relief to our works. 

Day two working indoors
DAY TWO: You'll start by attaching the 3-D shapes on to your panels while the wax heats up, and continue by painting your prep substrates, experiencing the different ways that wax can enhance its surface. You will be encouraged to use mixed media elements to develop your concept and push your limits and possibilities. The use of Encaustic media will add to the multi layered and textural aspect of this work.  

We will wrap up the workshop with a round table discussion and critique. By developing an awareness of the possible textures and layers that can be incorporated to the use of Encaustic medium, this workshop is designed to increase the ability to create, see and respond to a textural surface that can be incorporated into your works, despite your personal style.
Some of the works made by my students
during one of my workshops
Close-up of one of my student's work by Ellen Fabian


$350 (includes materials)
Enrollment limited to 6 students, minimum of 4  

To inquire on availability and make a reservation: CorinaStudioGallery[at]gmail[dot]com


Summer e-News is out, with Artists Talks and exhibitions to see!

Summer News
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