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All About Water VII, and I'm IN!

Today, I went visiting the artists studios at Erector Square, as part of New Haven City-Wide Open Studios. It's always fun to visit friends in their working spaces, see their newer works, and meet new people and their works... Overall, this whole Open Studios event, it's a very enriching experience that I wouldn't want to miss.

For those of you who are not familiar with Erector Square, it used to be a toy factory that was converted into artists studios and commercial spaces. It has about eight buildings, all connected through hallways and stairways all over the place. Kind of like a maze, but they're good with the signage so one doesn't get lost in it!!

Among the friends I visited today are: encaustic artists Binnie Birstein, and Maria Lara (whom I always wanted to meet and as it turned out, we already new each other!!! Can you believe it? LOL!); printmakers Barbara Harder, and Irene Miller; paper artists Jennifer Davies, and Karen Wheeler; Rashmi Talpade who does intricate collages, drawings, installations... and last but not least, my friend, ceramic artist Linda Giannelli, who makes the most beautiful small sculptures depicting mainly animals; just to name a few...

So, you can only imagine what is like to be there, at Erector Square. There's so much art to see, I felt like I was running like my son's hamster through all these hallways and stairways. All of the sudden, my phone rings... It was someone from Gallery One in Old Saybrook anouncing that the 2 artworks I had submitted for their upcoming show where IN!! I was so happy with the news... but wait a minute, the opening is tomorrow afternoon and I need to invite my friends and family to come!!!! They really made me run today!!!

I'm finally home, thanks to the Social Media, I was able to invite as many people as I could through Facebook, posted the event on my Facebook Page (by the way, if you go to my page don't forget to press the LIKE buttom!!), sent invitations through Twitter and text messages... So hopefully I'm covered, and I might get some of my friends to stop by the opening tomorrow. I don't know what I would have done without technology today!!!

If you're reading this and is not too late, please come to our opening!

Tomorrow, Sunday, October 16th, from 3 - 5pm

Where? at GalleryOne in the Clayhouse
Located at: 665 Boston Post Road at Elm Street (Old Saybrook Shopping Center), Old Saybrook, CT


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