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Keeping my mind from Hurrricane Sandy, let's travel in time to a day in NYC. PART I

Taking advantage of this forced time out, while Hurricane Sandy is fast approaching, and her wind forces are beginning to be felt, I decided to take my mind away from it all and travel back in time to October 6th, 2012. When I went to New York City with a friend.

I had just read, on a Facebrook private group I belong to, that artist/author/friend, Joanne Mattera was recommending another artist in the group to visit several galleries while she was visiting New York, many of them in the Chelsea area. So I printed out Joanne's list and shared it with my friend. She loved the idea so we head our way to Chelsey...

Not before taking a nice walk though The High Line, a public park built on a historic freight rail line elevated above the streets on the west side of Manhattan. It was such a lovely day to walk in the park! So we did just that, walk, until we reached 27th street that we came down The High Line and embarked on our gallery trail tour...

We arrived to the Jeff Bailey Gallery (625 W27th St -between 11th &12th Aves-) to view Christian Maychak's FLATS exhibition.

We were very fortunate to be able to see this show on its last day, but you can view the gallery's archives with works by this artist (not all shown in the exhibition) by clicking HERE.

As an artist (myself) who has worked with Epoxy clay in the past, I found his abstract approach fascinating!!

This exhibition was among my favorites from our trail tour.

The image on the right was the piece on the exhibition postcard* and I thought to share it here with all, so you can see how beautiful and superbly executed is Christian Maychack's work.

*Image from the exhibition postcard:
BLUE THROUGH (Compound Flat #23),
2012 (c)Christian Maychack
Epoxy Clay, Pigment and Wood
36" x 36" x 1.75"

We continued our gallery tour by moving down to 26th Street, and view the works by Ron Ehrlich's WHITE LIGHT exhibition at the Stephen Haller Gallery (542 West 26st Street -between 10th &11th Aves-)

Oh no! The storm got pretty gusty just now, and we lost power, so I'll have to continue writing when we get our power back... hopefully soon!!


We just got our power back, a little over 24 hours after we lost it. Counting my blessings... we survived Sandy, unharmed and our home was not damaged. Though my town was hit hard and not everyone was that lucky, my prayers go out to those who are still struggling after Sandy. Hope we can all get back to our normal lives soon.

Out of respect to those still troubled after the hurricane, I'll continue writing about my gallery trail tour at a later date.


We lost our power again, less than 24 hours after we got it back. We were without power for 6 days, which is nothing compared to what other families are dealing with.

I'm overwhelmed with gratitude for all those amazing people pouring down to help restore power in time record, for so many families. Also for all the donations and relief efforts coming from everywhere. Still a long way to go, especially for those in the CT west coast, coastal New Jersey and in the lower Manhattan and Staten Island, NY. We are praying for all of you affected during hurricane Sandy, and hoping your lives and that of your love ones, can go back to normal soon. God Bless!


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