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Last weekend I took a two-day intensive workshop on the Versatility in Wax: The Basics of Encaustic, with Ruth Sack. There I had the opportunity to learn the basics of the ancient technique of encaustic painting and its applications for prints and works on paper.

We went through all the different techniques for fusing, glazing, transparencies, texturizing, layering and scribing using encaustic, as well as image transfer and collage. And of course, we also learned about safety measures, since we were working with hot wax.

Each student was given six-inch square masonite panels on with to practice the variety of techniques covered. Here are some the works I did during the weekend workshop:

Using a clipping from a newspaper


using silver leaf

using dried plants and other objects:

We also did a test with encaustic on a plexiglass panel which was very interesting, since you have to work backwards.

Later on, at home, I put together some of the panels I made during the workshop, to create a painting. Here are the two pieces I made:


2009 © Corina S. Alvarezdelugo

Nature's Calling
2009 © Corina S. Alvarezdelugo

I hope you like them!!! I really enjoyed the workshop!!

I'm doing the finishing touches to a mixed media piece I've been working on about Darfur. As soon as I have it ready for viewing I'll post it here....


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