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108th Annual Juried Art Exhibition of the New Haven Paint & Clay Club

I just found out my sculpture "About to Jump"
was accepted into the 108th Annual Juried Art Exhibition of the New Haven Paint & Clay Club.

This exhibition was juried by painter and printmaker Richard Carleton and will be on display at the John Slade Ely House in New Haven, CT

If you happen to be near by please come to our Opening Reception: Sunday, March 15, from 2-5 PM


John Slade Ely House
51 Trumbull Street
New Haven, CT
Phone: 203.624.8055

Gallery Hours: Wed - Fri 11 - 4 PM / Sat & Sun 2 - 5 PM
Closed Monday & Tuesday

To view my sculpture on-line go to: click on the thumbnail image to view it larger.

As Promise!

I have forgotten that I've said I'll be posting the piece I was working on about Darfur when it was ready, so here it is...

After watching the documentary "Darfur Now" about the genocide in Sudan's western region of Darfur, I felt the need to portray what I had just seen into a painting. I don't have the possibilities to help the people in Darfur in any other way than through my art, and by doing so I hope to help to spread the message so they can get the help they need.

As you can see in my mixed media painting, I was impress by so many women and children, and how this women have taken the law in their hands to protect their families, fighting back to reclaim their "lovely Darfur" (as a women would call it on the documentary.)

There is so much contrast in the region where this people have been forced to find refuge, such a barren soil against the many children, and the women's colorful dresses against so much suffering and pain, next to all the love and courage by these women… and the guns!

To create my "Lovely Darfur" I used acrylic paints,
wood chips, transferred images, paper, glue, encaustic medium and encaustuc paint.
Copyright 2009 by Corina S. Alvarezdelugo
Available for Sale.


OIL DRUM ART exhibition. My drum is done and delivered and the opening reception was a great success!

Since January I've been working on my new drum for this year's first Oils Drum Art, Inc exhibition.

This is the second time I make art using 55 gallon recycled oil drum for Oil Drum Art. My first work titled "Paradox of Plenty" can be viewed here: for more in detail information.

Paradox of Plenty was shown in several exhibitions around Connecticut and in New York City since 2004. It was also shown at the Environmental Oil Drum Art Exhibition on the CBS Early Show on Saturday, April 19th, 2008. Paradox of Plenty received The Art Emporium Award at the Guilford Art League's 2008 Annual Juried Exhibition in CT. Paradox of Plenty is about the consequences of oil in our world; oil spills and their impact on the environment, air pollution, and oil wars.

For my second piece I decided to give a response to my first one by offering solutions to the problem. So after doing my research on alternative energies my idea for "The Four R's for Global Wealth" was born. I drew my sketches on a piece of paper and went right to work.

The process:

Click on the images to see them in detail...

and... here the end result!

The Four R's for Global Wealth
(Reduce, Reuse, Recycle and the use of Renewable Energies as an alternative)

The best way to
protect our environment is by using renewable energies. Current technology to generate energy using renewable sources tends to be expensive and not very efficient. Financial support, public and private, must be designated to research and development of systems that can use these energies, to make them more efficient and accessible to all. In this way we will be protecting our environment.

Also, us people should reduce our consumer footprint by reusing and recycling whenever possible, and by composting and conscientious planning we can give back to our soil the nutrients needed for planting and harvesting goods

So now through March 13th, 2009 if you're near by don't miss....




Environmental, Energy and Travel Exhibition

Artists from all creative disciplines have transformed recycled 55-gallon oil drums into an environmental, energy, or travel themed artwork.

555 Asylum Avenue,
Hartford, CT 06105


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