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Day 4 & 5 - Vermont Studio Center + Indiegogo Campaign

Carrie Brummer, from the Artists Think blog, wanted to interview me to help me with my Indiegogo Campaing for her segment, Creative Spirit. For this, she sent me a questionnaire. So, I did a lot of writing in between Wednesday and Thursday to get in just in time for her publication deadline of TODAY! To view the interview, please click HERE.

Once again, I took a break to clear all the snow that had fallen the day before on my car before it gets frozen. I also filled the tank with gas (I didn't know we have to keep the gas tank full when temperatures are this low, to avoid condensation - live and learn!)

 But I also managed to finish a third painting in my series. All of them measure  about 4' x 4'

I started my painting making marks with my
hand-made brush and Sumi Ink

Added more marks and writing with charcoal and graphite

Here's the end result

My studio wall, after this third painting...

And now it's ready for number 4!

Since I didn't have enough time to start the new painting (the process requires a wet stage in between layers), I started doing some Encaustic monotypes inspired by the colors in my surroundings. The red for the barn and studios, the white for the snow, and the blue of the sky...

In the evening, I was happily surprise to be able to view the interview that just came up on the air last night, about my most recent body of work, for the Connecticut Public Television (CPTV) – Spotlight on the Arts’ segment- Here’s the link in case you want to watch it. My interview starts at 2:03 minutes:


And please remember, I still need your help to cover the costs of my residency: So, if you like what I'm doing and would like to support an artist, here's 3 ways you can help to make it happen. You can choose to do one, two, or all tree:

1. The obvious one, making a monetary donation of $1 or more, but there are two more ways to help that you're not probably aware of.

2. If you click on the link and go to my Indiegogo page, you can click to any of the Social Media share buttons on the top of my campaign.

3. You can also help big time, by leaving a comment on that page. Click on COMMENTS right above my video, right after you sign into Indiegogo.

Thank you for your help and support!!

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