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Day 3 - Vermont Studio Center + Indiegogo Campaign

Tuesday, was a very exciting day, as my creativity was flowing. I started with a series of expressive drawing exercises to see where they will lead me, here the results:

My first attempt was rather timid. I used acrylics, charcoal, and graphite on paper.

From this... this.

I love how the wall looked as I took the first painting off the wall:

I took a small break to clear all the snow that had fallen the day before on my car before it gets frozen, and to move the car to a different location so they can plow the parking lot.

Can you find my car?
I guess my color palette was influenced by the landscape colors around me!!

Second piece of paper goes on the wall...

My second attempt was a bit more bold. I used my newly made brush and Sumi Ink, besides of what I used in the first one. Here it is...

Hand-made brush using my own hair
Dipping the brush on the Sumi Ink
First marks added to the paper with Sumi Ink.
Is that a face?

More marks with the ink, and I still see a face in it.

A series of additions and obliteration, my background is done!

The end result!

My studio wall, after the second painting...

And now I'm ready for the third painting...

Remember, I still need your help to cover the costs of my residency. So, if you like what I'm doing and would like to support an artist, here's 3 ways you can help to make it happen. You can choose to do one, two, or all tree:

1. The obvious one, making a monetary donation of $1 or more, but there are two more ways to help that you're not probably aware of.

2. If you click on the link and go to my Indiegogo page, you can click to any of the Social Media share buttons on the top of my campaign.

3. You can also help big time, by leaving a comment on that page. Click on COMMENTS right above my video, right after you sign into Indiegogo.

Thank you for your help and support!!

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