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First week - Vermont Studio Center + Indiegogo Campaing

I can't believe it's been already a week since I arrived to do my Artist-in-Residency at the prestigious Vermont Studio Center, and it's already been a life changing experience. I've been able to work loosely on large pieces of paper, which I never get to do at my regular studio since I don't have the space for it. It is, after all, a messy approach, but so rewarding!

So you get an idea of how large I'm working,
look at my hand in relation to this piece.
(This is the third painting I posted on one of my
earlier posts.)

The beginnings of number 4!

On Friday night we had a Dance Party at the center. It was snowing so the views walking there and from there, looking out, where just so beautiful. Take a look!

That house at the end with the lights, it's our local Art Store.
A paradise for everyone here!!

Here's a video I took from our rec/library room during the party...

On Saturday, I took a break from painting to start working on a new approach to make my round sculptures, instead of using clay, and so far is working well. I needed to make the base of the sculpture so it's dry by the time I start making what's going to go on top of it. Hence, the importance to get it started. Can't wait to see the outcome!

Here's how it looks so far!

Today, Sunday, we got to sleep in to wake up to a nice brunch. After brunch, I did laundry...

Couldn't help to take this picture as I was
parking at the Laundromat

Then a group of us got together for a Collage Party and we all made Valentine's. People were coming and going, as they were done with their cards...

A few of the ones that came, posing for the camera.

It's been great getting to meet so many interesting people, from writers to painters, to sculptors, printmakers, video artists... Creativity as its best!

Curious Note: One of the artists' in the residency is freezing balloons filled with water to make an ice sculpture with them.
See them hanging on the tree near the building?

Please remember I still need your help to cover the costs of my residency: So, if you like what I'm doing and would like to support my efforts, here's 3 ways you can help to make it happen. You can choose to do one, two, or all tree:

1. The obvious one, making a monetary donation of $1 or more, but there are two more ways to help that you're not probably aware of.

2. If you click on the link and go to my Indiegogo page, you can click to any of the Social Media share buttons on the top of my campaign.

3. You can also help big time, by leaving a comment on that page. Click on COMMENTS right above my video, right after you sign into Indiegogo.

Thank you for your help and support!!

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