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Third week - Vermont Studio Center + Indiegogo Campaing

It seems like yesterday I was getting ready to come to do an Artist-in Residency at the Vermont Studio Center, and I'm now going into my fourth and last week here. Time really flies when you're having fun!!

I started my third week experimenting with Walnut Ink and collage, as ways to add more warmth and texture to the expressive drawings I've been doing since I got here, and I like the results. I feel that by adding the brown undertones I have created more depth in my paintings. Fascinating!

Take a look at painting #5 with the walnut ink undertone...

Here's my studio wall after painting #5

And my painting #6 using collage as background, and walnut ink as an undertone...

I really like the texture in this one.

And this is how my wall looks now after painting #6

I've been also working on a relief that I'm sculpting out of paper clay, placing it on a round panel covered with silk. I'm also playing with the idea of covering the relief image with more of the same silk, that had been previously treated with an Eco-dyeing, to get those old, weathered looking shades of brown, which I very much love.

It's not a finished piece yet, still working on sculpting the figure to look the way I envision.

I also did some more postcards using the same techniques I've used the weeks before; inspired by the colors here at the Vermont Studio Center. I now almost ready to send them out to those who have donated $10 to my crowdfunding campaign. I just need to finish writing them.

I started walking around more to see my surroundings. It had been so cold before that it was hard for me to wonder around until this last week.

My studio windows at VSC

I discovered a nice area behind our sculpture building overlooking the frozen river, that I'm sure gets lots of use in the summer time...

I also walked to the Meditation house, even though I have never made it to any of the meditations that happen there early every morning. I tend to work until late, less distractions in the evening, and this makes it harder for me to wake up before 7am. Here are some images of the meditation house; a very peaceful place...

And finished the week with my wall ready for painting #7

If you are enjoying my updates, and would like to support me on my crowdfunding campaign to help me cover the costs of this residency, please go to:

Here's 3 ways you can help to make it happen. You can choose to do one, two, or all tree:

1. The obvious one, making a monetary donation of $1 or more, but there are two more ways to help that you're not probably aware of.

2. If you click on the link below to my Indiegogo page, you can click to any of the Social Media share buttons on the top of my campaign, and by doing that you give more exposure to my page, so others can see it too.

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Thank you in advance for your help and support!!

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