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It was sold at Open Studios!

I took a piece of canvas and started making wavy lines using the same three colors, just mixed up different in order to get a variety of gradations. I wanted to get the effect that some of the wavy lines were on the front plane and others were receding. To my surprise, one of the lines looked to me as the silhouette of a person. So I added a piece of hand-made paper, the same color as the one I was using with some red paint added to it, made to look as the person had a broken heart.

Still I wasn't happy with it. It needed something else to make the lines recede more, it needed more depth. It was then I decided to use encaustic. So I glued the canvas to a piece of wood using encaustic and then added some more encaustic to the top of the canvas. Playing with the amount of wax I was adding here and there until I got the desired effect.

To finish the piece I transferred into the encaustic the words: "How can you mend a broken he..."

Here the result:

mixed media with encaustic
12"h x 14"w

© Corina S. Alvarezdelugo

This piece was finished right before Open Studios at the beginning of October. I hung it up the first day at Open Studios and somebody came in and felt in love with it. He came later in the day and decided he wanted to buy it but he needed to get his check book from his car. I thought he was kidding! But not, five minutes before closing he came back and paid for the painting and left me HEARTBROKEN!!

For those of you who are artists you know how our works are like babies and we like to keep them for while before seeing them part away, so you can understand how I felt to see this piece leave so soon. But I'm sure it found a nice home where it's going to be cherished!

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