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V is for Victory!

I had to house-sit for friends the other day. They needed someone to be there to receive some furniture they had bought and I really wanted to work on my art. So, I went there armed with my bag of treasures (it's a bag I have been filling up with things I find with "possibilities"...) and two pieces of wood, measuring 20" x 8" each.

When I got there, to my friends' house, I extended all my "treasures" on their kitchen table and started assembling two collages with the scraps I was finding in my bag. One of them I really liked, so I began gluing the pieces together.

I started by layering a piece of a material I found when workers were taking down the siding in my house. It's like thin brown paper in the back and has a very fine layer of something that looks like aluminum paper, and it probably is! So, as you can imagine it has a vintage feeling to it, besides the texture that it adds to my work...Loved it!

I also found in my bag a tag with four numbers that looked like the ones runners use at marathons... so there was my theme for this piece!

I had ripped pieces from a pastel drawing that I placed here and there to add some needed color. I then drew, with graphite, hands raised up as celebrating the victory of my runner and then glued over a transferred image of hands to add more dimension. Stamped irregular lines here and there with a green mixture of acrylic paint...and the furniture arrived, it was now time to get back home...

NOTE: When making a collage, it's very important to put in layers of materials as you work your way around your piece, this way you'll add depth to your work. It will give it dimension, to an otherwise flat surface.

At home, I felt it still needed something else... so I printed on vellum the outlined image of a runner, and glued it down...VOILA! my piece is done! here is the finished result... Enjoy!

mixed media collage
20" x 8"
(c) 2010 Corina S. Alvarezdelugo

My little token in appreciation to all those runners out there!!! Keep on running!!!


  1. Good posting, senti que trabaje contigo.
    Thank you for sharing your ideas and your day. I'll like to see a close up where you glued the brown/aluminum paper.

  2. Thank you Sikiu! That's so nice of you!!! I promise I will have someone take a picture of me while I'm gluing down the paper...or we can get together and I'll teach you...I'll be happy to :)



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