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art, dense breast tissue and breast cancer

My dear readers, I've made a sculpture with the idea not only to raise awareness about breast cancer - women cancer - but also to give it away, to donate it to a foundation that researches for a cure to breast cancer or women cancer.

So, after having it shown in several venues around Connecticut and in NYC, and viewed internationally through web-based galleries, it's time for me to part from it, and for this I NEED YOUR HELP.

I've tried to find the right foundation but there are so many out there that it's hard to choose from... I do know, however, that many, many women, like me, have dense breast tissue which makes it harder for mammograms to detect abnormalities in the breast. You see, dense areas in the breast show up as white in the mammograms, as well as tumors that also show up as white. To make it even worse for us, in a recent study they have found that the cells that make up dense breast tissue may be a more fertile ground for cancer cells to grow in. The studies even suggested that the cancer cells found in women with dense breast tissue tend to be more aggressive that in women with normal breast tissue.

Therefore, since women with dense breast tissue seem to be more likely to get breast cancer and it's harder to be detected early, I would like to donate my sculpture AWARENESS to a foundation researching for a better way to diagnose and prevent Breast Cancer in women with Dense Breast Tissue. So, if you know of a foundation that would benefit on using my work as a fundraiser for their research efforts, as well as to serve as a reminder that we all women need to be aware of the risks and that we need to take prevention into our hands, please let me know. I would really appreciate it.

stoneware on cedar wood
10"h x 8"w x 8"d
Best in Sculpture at the Manhattan Arts International HerStory online Competition, NYC, 2009
(c) Corina S. Alvarezdelugo

Using the image of this sculpture I have made pocket mirrors that I sell through my Etsy store. 50% of the profits from the sales of this little mirrors will be also donated to the same foundation. So please HELP me find the right one to give it to!!

NOTE: Since the best medicine is prevention, please women out there do your monthly breast self-exam and have your mammogram done once a year, at least until we know of something better.


  1. Your sculpture is beautiful, and your generosity admirable. I am currently going through chemo for treatment of breast cancer myself, which a mammography could not detect - but ultrasound did. I truly appreciate all you are doing. In my research, I noticed that The Brem foundation is working on studies for dense breast tissue help specifically, and is working on getting ultrasound technology to be used in conjunction with mammos for women with dense breast tissue. The Dr Susan Love Research Foundation has also done studies on the topic - perhaps that would be another place to lead you in the direction you're interested in. Take care and thank you!

  2. Thank YOU so much Karin, I will definitely look into it and keep you posted.

    I saw your book art and is wonderful!!! There's so much I like to talk to you about. I will be emailing you shortly...

    Take care and thanks again!

  3. Hi Corina,

    I absolutely love love this breast cancer awareness is exquisitely simple, yet says it all.
    I have had a few friends this past year go thru mastectomies and further surgeries for breast and ovarian cancer and positive genes. I will hopefully figure out how to send them your work, so they can reflect on it. Perhaps they know of some foundation? If not, I think just seeing your art will be benificial to their healing process. Thank you! Hope to see you soon! Claudia



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