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2 new today and the begining of a third

This morning I started working on a 20' x 20' canvas. I wanted to make one more painting related to my Family Tree series but not part of the series. It's just that I loved working on that technique so much that I keep going back to it. But this is my last one in this style... at least for now.

I started as always, tracing, cutting and pasting...

me at work!

My studio is a mess! sorry about that, but my January solo is keeping me very busy... no time for cleaning up and organizing for now!!

In the afternoon, in between driving kids around and doing laundry at the local Laundromat, I managed to finish this two mixed media paintings with encaustic:

Stormy Day                                         Keep on Swimming

encaustic mixed media
12" x 12"
© Corina S. Alvarezdelugo


P.S.: I apologize for the quality of the pictures but I want to post them as I finish them, usually late at night, so I don't have great light for pictures... I"ll post better pictures on my web-gallery soon. Keep checking!

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