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here's my latest!

I spent two nights in a row creating two books that I want to display as my portfolio during my upcoming Solo Exhibit in January. Two nights where I only slept 1 hour the first night and 3 hours on the second night, but the good thing is that I managed to make them both. The first one is a compilation of most of my sculptures arranged in two chapters (From the Animal World - From the World Around Us), plus a first chapter with information about the process involved when I create each one of my pieces. The second book is about my mixed media work, compiled as a catalog form.

I'm very excited that I just can't wait to see the printed version of them!!! I'll let you know as soon as I get them...

and... yesterday morning, after no much sleep, I was still in my creative mode so I couldn't stop my self not even to have breakfast. So I added a new mixed media work to my collection. Here it is:

Fading Memories
mixed media collage
(paper, photo paper, ink, pastels, oil pastels)
18" x 14"
© Corina S. Alvarezdelugo

Yes! Fading Memories like mine was yesterday if I didn't get some sleep!!!

Now that I'm rested I'm back to working. I have two canvases ready for to you later!

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