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UPDATE on CONNECTIONS / CONEXIONES an art exhibit in New Haven, CT

We're almost ready for the opening of CONNECTIONS / CONEXIONES our exhibition of mixed media and sculptures in New Haven, CT

We have been very busy in the past two days hanging paintings, setting the sculptures on pedestals (my husband is making more pedestals for me as I'm writing this), gathering together all the information we want to put on the labels for our artworks, preparing a binder with each of the participant artists' information (Bio, Statement, some images of works...) I've designed a poster to place on a sandwich sign, which is going to be placed outside the gallery, so people know we're open. The invitations have been mailed and emailed. We have send all the press releases. So, with a few finishing touches, a few flowers here and there, plenty of food and drinks and nice music and we'll be all set to open our exhibition to the public, this coming Friday at 5:30PM

I'll post pictures of the opening this weekend.

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