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Making my case...

I don't know if you're familiar with the reality of the artists these days, but our expenses could rise up very quickly if we want to make it in this profession. I'm not talking only about the materials one needs to produce the actual artwork, which I think you might all be aware of. I’m talking about classes to better our techniques or to expand our possibilities; I’m also talking about entry fees to most shows we participate in, specially juried exhibitions, with the added risk that we might not even enter in the exhibition. Transportation to and from exhibiting spaces, shipping costs, marketing strategies, etc. all adds up.

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I’ve been lucky enough to be able to support myself so far, with my husband’s help, and the sales of my works. But this year along, besides the entry fees to all the exhibitions I usually try my luck at, and the sculpture studio hours I pay for every trimester, and the construction of my new studio/gallery, which is almost done (woohoo!); I’m taking a weekend workshop in NYC next weekend, and I’ll be participating in the 5th International Encaustic Conference in Province Town, MA in June. For this conference I’m paying for hotel, meals, transportation and two post conference workshops at the Truro Center for the Arts, to take advantage of the special opportunity.  For this reason, when I found out Michelle Belto’s workshop, which I really want to take, is been offered at The Encaustic Center in Texas, I thought I might get a chance to make it if I make an appeal to the generosity of FRIENDS, FAMILY and FOLLOWERS, to help me travel to Dallas, TX to take her workshop. I’m sure this new venture will push even further my creative possibilities.

You can read more about this appeal and the things I do on my previous post.

You may ask. What’s in it for me? Besides helping me make better art for you to enjoy, I will raffle two artworks amongst the donors that donate $20 or more to my cause. One of the artworks was gently donated by the own Michelle Belto to support my appeal, and the other one from yours truly to thank you! I will be making this piece using the newly learned techniques.

Besides, everyone, whether you gave $1 or $1,000 will get an invitation to my next exhibition following the workshop, so you can see first hand what you have helped me to accomplish, and your names will be listed as sponsors, unless you want to remain anonymous, of course.

Another opportunity I can offer to you is to list your name with a link to your website, blog, twitter… here. Just let me know.

A big THANK YOU in advance!

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  1. I posted some information about the series from which your donation comes. Good luck! I'll see you at the conference.



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