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The 1st One-Day Encaustic Intensive Workshop at my new studio was great!

Last Saturday, I gave my first encaustic workshop in my new studio space, and it was great!!! I feel so blessed to be able to offer classes now and pass along a lifetime of accumulated knowledge in the arts field. This new space lends itself very well to all sorts of media experimentation and art creation, as I'm able to move the furniture around according to the media and/or technique I'm teaching. A dream come true, not only for me, but for the people that come to learn and enjoy this wonderful creative space.

In this way, my first students had a blast along with me!! It was an introduction to Encaustic Painting, VERSATILITY IN WAX. In this hands-on intensive workshop, they got the chance to explore the luminous beauty and versatility of encaustic art - painting with molten, pigmented beeswax. They learned the basics of this ancient technique that has evolved into one of the most versatile mediums available for artists today, offering many exciting and creative possibilities!

Melting the encaustic paint
Different torches, good for fusing
along with the heat gun

Mixed media materials,
stamps, stencils and more..

The resources

I taught my students about the basic materials and formulas used in encaustic, and we discussed safety procedures, supports, and grounds, along with a variety of tools and techniques for fusing. As well as demonstrations for glazing, transparencies, building up of texture, layering and scraping/scribing, alongside image transfer and how to embed collage elements. As shown in the pictures below...

Fusing with the heat gun.
Demonstrating different techniques on
how to incise and scrape the surface
Transferring images into the wax
Applying other media
in this case, Pan Pastels

Fusing powdered charcoal (Demo)
My "Demos"

And here's what my students did...

Fusing the layers
Masking, scraping...
Transferring images
Pan pastels

Using Mixed Media techniques with encaustic

The end results...

Thanks to Cheilaugh Harvey for taking most of the pictures above!

I started a second intensive workshop this week that I have divided into two mornings, and here's what my students have done so far...

And the fun begins...

Some of their works!

The proud artist with her textural work!


  1. loved seeing your workshop pics Corina

  2. Nicely organized class and blog, Corina. And thanks for putting out the Conference postcards (and that book by como se llama).

    1. My pleasure Joanne!!! Thank you for your kind comments, it means so much to me coming from you!!

      By the way, love your book Joanne, I recommend it to all my students!!! It's a MUST have for anyone working with Encaustic or interested in the medium and its historic value across time!



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