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Keeping up to date information despite technical difficulties.

In today's date and age, it is very important for us artists to keep our information up to date on the web, and our websites are our best ally.

Let me explain, art collectors, galleries, curators may like the work you have at a show, art fair, etc; however they might want to see more. People that are serious about art want to make sure the artist is worth their attention before they go any further. So they'll turn to your website to see what else you have in store, so we better have something good to show, because if they like what they see, they'll want to contact you and even schedule a visit to your studio. This could turn into a potential sale, exhibition opportunity or even a gallery representation. Therefore, our websites are well worth our attention.

Now, knowing all these I realized I haven't been able to update my website since February of 2011, and this is especially mortifying since my current mixed media artworks are not portrayed in it. You see, last year my old computer died and I had to get a new one, all this happening while other issues where going on in my life. So, to make a long story short, I cannot find my Dreamweaver and I would hate to have to buy a new one. Not only because a newer version would mean that I have to learn it all over again and don't really have that extra time right now, but also because I can't really afford the expense at this time.
My obsolete website...

This really got me thinking, what can I do in the meantime to keep my "cyber presence" up to date? Hmm ...what's the next best thing after our websites? It's got to be our blogs, don't you agree?

So meanwhile, to deal with my current technical difficulties and to keep you informed. I have revamped my blog to make it more professional looking, and I will be posting my newer artworks and recent information about me and/or my work herein. At least until my website issues get resolved. I really hope you can enjoy my works here as much as you have enjoyed them on my website. Just browse through the tabs above and enjoy!

**I'll be uploading images of my works starting tonight, so stop by often to check the tabs above as there will be new images everyday or so.

You also, may want to read here for my 2011 overview post. There's lots of information there about art shows I participated in last year and more.

NOTE: You can still visit my website at for information about me and my work until February 2011. Just remember it's not current.

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