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Friends of Pam and David

To all of you that followed this event, here is the update...

Comments from Carol Brightman Johnson, posted on her blog:

Thank you to all the artists and collectors who made the Friends of Pam and David a great success. Your generosity and good wishes did a lot! The show raised approximately $4,000. We don't have a final accounting yet, but that was pretty amazing, especially on short notice.

There were over 120 works of art at the Vanilla Bean, after the early bird sale, where the walls normally display from 30 to 50 pieces. What a testament to how well-liked and respected Pam and David are. The sheer number of artists who cared enough to donate something moved them deeply. Pam and David were surprised to find that so many of us think about them, and will continue to keep them in our minds and prayers. In some ways, the moral support is more important than money."

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